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Boost your energy with this easy lunch!

Do you struggle with putting meals together or figuring out what to eat? Do you skip meals because you’re too busy and distracted? Or do you eat meals that make your energy plummet and your brain feel like it’s half awake? I hear these kinds of descriptions ALL the time and can certainly relate. When you’re on the […]

Healthy cheese crackers (grain free!)

I wish I could take the credit for this great recipe! Maria Emmerich is a grain free, keto genuis and has tons of great cookbooks which is how my family discovered these great crackers. This recipe is from her site and I’m excited for you to try it! “Healthified” Cheez Its! 1 1/4 cup almond […]

Is your diet making you cranky?

Are you feeling impatient, energy tanking during the day, and finding yourself always looking for a snack? Your body may be trying to tell you something. These symptoms are frequently linked to food stress. I’m going to share with you the top 3 common causes of food stress and the solutions you need to start […]

3 surprising health benefits of apple cider vinegar

Are you interested in feeling great, slowing the aging process, and preventing disease? Then these tips are for you! Raw, unfiltered, Apple cider vinegar (ACV) with “the mother” is a fermented vinegar from apples that has beneficial bacteria that can help you: 1) Kill harmful bacteria and pathogens like E. coli. ACV’s active ingredient acetic acid […]

How do you know when it’s time to move on?

Do you feel deep down that you aren’t getting your needs met? That you want more and better even if you cannot picture how? If your answer is yes, this can bring up strong feelings and I want to support you by addressing this today. Every day you make choices that change the course of […]

Bec’s Spaghetti Bolognese

Do you love spaghetti? Spaghetti was a staple food for me growing up and I could eat it 3 times a day and be happy as a clam. My Dad, who was Italian, made amazing homemade sauce. Unfortunately, the spaghetti sauce was put onto processed, white pasta (full of gluten, very high in starch, low in […]

Healthy Chocolate Milkshake

Who says that cravings have to be unhealthy? Years ago when I was pregnant, I had serious chocolate milkshake cravings for about a week. Luckily, this recipe did the trick without any nutritional backlash like crashing energy, skin breakouts, or sugar cravings. Ingredients: 1 cup whole raw cow’s milk (or milk alternative of choice such […]

Herbed Turkey Ricotta Meatballs

Today I want to share a delicious immune boosting recipe with you that my 6 yr old daughter and I made last week. There’s so many bad colds going around right now so its the perfect time to ramp up your immune system with awesome recipes like this one. Before that though, I’d like to […]

Grain free pizzettes!

When it’s pouring rain outside, don’t you just love tossing something delicious into the oven? Here is a mouth-watering, easy recipe for you to try! Great as an appetizer, aside a salad or veggie side dish, or snack~and fun to prepare with friends or kids! Ingredients 2 packages Applegate Farms organic pepperoni, large slices (or […]